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The Apex of Quality

Apex Series™ compatible and re-engineered toner cartridges are made with precision equipment and premium quality materials at a much-reduced cost.


In today’s highly visual world, quality matters. But we firmly believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra for the privilege. Sure, there’s some cachet to using name-brand stuff, but that kind of thinking doesn’t always make sense. No matter what your business model might be, you must remain viable. You can’t cut corners on the things that people see and touch, and your print collateral speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent.

Exclusively produced by Viable Imaging, Apex Series™ cartridges are designed to go above and beyond industry standards. We GUARANTEE each Apex Series™ cartridge will print as good or better than any product on the market including the original equipment manufacturer. Every Apex Series™ cartridge we ship meets or exceeds the highest ISO 9001/14001 industry standards and are also STMC compliant.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of Apex Series™ toner cartridges is the price. Our compatible, re-engineered toners are about half the cost of their OEM equivalents. No matter how much printing you do, you’ll see massive savings that resonate straight to the bottom line.


Most compatible cartridges are made from recyclable materials or remanufactured from original cartridges. Some also use environmentally-friendly ink to lessen the impact on the environment—and the Apex Series™ is no exception. Apex Series™ toner cartridges are eco-friendly and better for the environment than OEM and other compatible cartridges.

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