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Backup Media

Backup Media is exceptionally essential for any organization because the issue of data loss is not a question of if but when it might happen. Therefore, when such an occurrence as data loss happens, your organization or company needs to be overly prepared to restore the lost data. It is pretty unfortunate to be caught unaware of data loss. 

Viable Media is a print technology specializing in selling backup media to customers from multiple vendors such as Samsung and Verbatim. The following are the top five backup media sold by Viable media to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backup Media

What does MBPS mean, and why does it matter?

Mbps is an acronym for Megabits per second, which refers to the speed at which files are transferred between two devices – in most cases, between a computer and a flash driver or a memory card or an SD Card. For Instance, a USB 2.0 Flash drive transfers files and data at a maximum rate of 480mps, while a USB 3.0 Flash drive transfers data at a speed of 5gbps (gigabits per second. Therefore, if you need speedy data transfer, you need to buy a USB 3.0 Flash drive.

What Can be stored in various backup media like Hard Drives and flash drives?

Various media types can be stored on a backup media to be held on a computer. The following are some of the files that can be stored on a backup media like a memory card, flash drive, or hard drive:

How Much Does a Typical Backup Media Cost?

Backup media vary in cost depending on their speed, storage capacity, portability, and quality. The price also depends on the brand that designs a particular backup media. For example, Samsung hard drives might be more expensive than Verbatim ones.

How Secure are Backup Media?

The security of your files in any particular backup media is solely dependent on you. Therefore, if storing sensitive data with personal information, you need to use encryption features to ensure that your data is safe from the second party.

Can I use my backup Media on any Computer?

The answer is yes; you can use your backup Media on any computer, provided you have assessed whether that particular Media is free from compromise by any second or third party. This is because backup media are designed to work on any computer type.

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