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Konica Minolta Troubleshooting Guide

When you see the Printer Offline error, it indicates a lost or dropped connection. As frustrating as this may be, it’s quite a simple fix. Here are a few things to try: 

Lexmark Printer Error Troubleshooting Guide

Printer not responding? Check these Lexmark Printer troubleshooting tips before calling support. Most issues can be easily self-resolved.

Kyocera Copier Troubleshooting Guide

Many Kyocera copier issues can be easily fixed without a call to the help desk. Try these simple troubleshooting steps first before opening a support ticket.

Tips for Selecting Inkjet Printers for Office Use

Time for an office upgrade? Your printer can make or break your productivity, so it's essential to choose the right one. Printers are the vertebrae in the backbone of your business, so a bit of research does go a long way. You may think, "Aren't all printers the same?" But the answer is a resounding no! Depending on your business' needs, you'll want to consider the type of printer, its features, connectivity, and other factors.

Tips To Replace Your Printer Cartridges

Depleted ink cartridges - it's a problem as old as time itself. And it's also one that no one ever wants to deal with. Replacing ink and toner can be confusing and frustrating, not to mention expensive. So what can you do to avoid the headache? In this article, we'll touch on some best practices and tips you can use to make replacing your printer's depleted cartridges as smooth and unproblematic as possible.

Inkjet vs Laser: Which Printer Should You Get?

In 2020, people around the world printed a collective 2.8 trillion pages. By 2025, researchers predict that number will decrease only slightly with the rise of automated machines, averaging around 2.3 trillion pages per year. Even with that decrease, the reality is that print services will always be in high demand. If 2.3 trillion pages are printed each year, that’s 4.4 million pages printed globally every minute, enough to cover 39 football fields.

HP Automatic Updates — How To Disable

Some of the newer HP printers may receive a firmware update (either installed automatically or manually installed by customer) which may lock-out the cartridge’s smart chip and prevent printing. Typically, when this occurs the error message “Cartridge Error: cartridge missing or damaged”, “Cartridge Problem”, “Missing or Damaged” or similar language will be displayed when using refilled ink cartridges that have a replacement chip installed*. It is always suggested that you disable either the ‘Auto Update‘, ‘Update Printer‘ or ‘Update Available‘ feature moving forward to help prevent future chip lock-outs when using refilled ink cartridges.

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